What is HDPE? What is HDPE Lapeta Pipe? And What is the benefit of HDPE Lapeta Pipe over ordinary Lapeta Pipe?

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What is HDPE ?

HDPE- The full form is high-density polyethylene or polyethylene high-density (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer that is produced from monomer ethylene. Yes, I love all kinds of polypropylene and polyester and silicone and other plastic. But high-density polyethylene (or HDPE) plastic is coming in favor of me recently. Not only is this one of the most versatile in Plastic – From harsh caps used by farmers to the HDPE Lapeta pipe used in everything – it is better than other plastic because both are widely used and recycled.

What is HDPE Lapeta Pipe?

HDPE Lapeta Pipe is manufactured using world-class quality of polymers. Due to its Double Layer Fabric it does not crack when it is cut. So far the ldpe pipe present in the market was torn apart easily. While there is no danger in HDPE pipe. Against the quality of ldpe pipe, hdpe pipe proves to be extremely beneficial in avoiding total cost of expenditure

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Benefit and Quality of HDPE Lapeta Pipe

The quality of HDPE Lapeta Pipes depends on the raw material used, processing equipment and technology. The HDPE Lapeta Pipe quality also depends on the fact that the company has the basis of standardizing its products. At V.K. Packwell, we tested our every product’s quality in well equipped advanced laboratory to ensure that every product is the best in the quality as per BIS standards.


Due to the use of high quality raw materials and innovative technology, it lasts for a long time .and this flexible pipe is not affected by sunlight due to the u.v coating of advanced technology.

 One of the important reasons to achieve such popularity in the past decades, its extended service life According to the application and design of the HDPE lapeta pipe produced by VK Packwell, it is estimated to survive to long time. They are safe, durable and have a remarkable choice. Due to the power to endure the highest pressure, scooter car or tractor passes over it, it is not crack able.

Made form the best Fabric & the Best Type Lamination

Very strong and completely unstretched while water pressure is high .

Hot and cold weather does not even affect


These are very light, so handling is very easy and safe. With the many necessary labor and transportation costs, the transport of HDPE pipe was difficult. But with the HDPE Lapeta pipe built by the V K Packwell, you do not have to worry about these problems. Their light weight makes them super easy to transport and work with them as well. Their leak-free mechanics and many other features make them the ideal choice in the world of Lapeta pipes.

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Ease of connecting and Repairing

Polyethylene is strong, extremely rigid and very durable. during the  experiment or irrigation if have any  type of puncture in HDPE Lapeta pipe  from fork  and stone then a free kit with every roll is given by the company. HDPE Lapeta pipe connects the tube-well or source after laying the pipe. Then tied to a rubber strip placed in the main kit, there is no damage to the pipe. And to avoid pipe opening or water damage is necessary.

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After immense research and development, we have developed water carrying pipe. It is white in color. We have the BIS Licence for manufacturing High-density polyethylene (HDPE) laminated woven lay flat tube for irrigation purpose. According to IS 16190:2014. Standard length of the pipe is 60m or 200 feet. But we also 100 m or 328 feet for some markets. The length can be made up-to 300 m per pipe without any joint in between. But this makes the cost high as wastage increases. Easy to store. There is more than 400 meters of pipe in this picture

sarvottam lapeta pipe


The company has its own well equipped laboratory, in which we check our product in different standards of BIS. Our product satisfied all the 27 quality point given by the BIS quality standard.

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U V Coated

There is no effect takes place when you put V.K. Sarvottam Lapeta Pipe in to the direct sun light continuously for 5 years. V.K. Sarvottam Lapeta pipe is lab tested and fulfills all requirements of BIS Standards.

sarvottam lapeta pipe

Government Subsidy

Subsidy is being given by the Agriculture Department on this ISI mark pipe by the Government of India and the State Government.

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At V.K. Packwell, We provide the best quality product to our end user. We satisfy all the required standards of the BIS and HDPE Laminated Woven Lay Flat Tube for Irrigation Purpose (Sarvottam Lapeta Pipe) is our one of the best quality Lapeta Pipe for our Indian Farmers so that the wastage of money they do by purchasing ordinary lapeta pipe can be stopped and they get the full benefits what they are purchasing or using.

You can click here to read more quality features about our V K Sarvottam Lapeta Pipe.


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