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lapeta pipe review

My Kisan Dost lapeta Pipe Review

Even today lakhs of farmers are in debt. a big reason for this is also that they lack information. To overcome this shortcoming, My Kisan Dost channel through its videos has been resolving the agricultural problems of the farmers. Due to which he used to lose a lot of money. To solve this problem of farmers, he got information about many irrigation pipes. In this category, he got information about best HDPE lapeta pipe manufactured by VK Pack Well and He found this pipe very beneficial for the farmers. And to make people aware of this pipe, he has given complete information about all the features of this pipe through his channel.

my kisan dost reivew on lapeta pipe

Drawbacks of Simple LD lapeta Pipe – My Kisan Dost

lapeta pipe is an old method, in this the farmer brother has seen a lot of loss. LD irrigation pipe is made from low-quality material. Due to which it is thick at some places and thin at some places, due to which it is unable to bear much pressure. And sometimes they burst due to high pressure.

Apart from this, we are not able to keep it in the sun for a long time. Plastic gets spoiled and cracked due to excessive sunlight. Apart from this, many precautions have to be taken during irrigation, otherwise, it gets punctured due to scratches or thorns. Apart from this, the bundle that comes with it. Which is very large, due to this it becomes very heavy in weight and it takes a lot of effort to lift and hold it.

VK Features of the Best Lapeta Pipe -My Kisan dost


Simple lapeta pipes available in the market are very heavy in weight, which makes it difficult to move from one place to another, whereas the best VK irrigation pipes are very light in weight which is easy to carry and carry.


During testing, when tractors, bikes etc. were passed on other ordinary pipes, it burst due to their pressure, whereas the same best lapeta  pipe (irrigation pipe) is capable of withstanding all these pressures.

lapeta pipe review by my kisan dost

U.V Coated Pipe

V.K Sarvottam pipe being U. V coated does not spoil even after keeping it in the sun for a long time whereas the simple wrapped pipe present in the market gets spoiled when kept in the sun.

Ease of connecting two pipes – My kisan dost

To carry water to distant fields, you can easily connect two pipes and bring water.

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