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Our story

We, V.K. Packwell Pvt. Ltd. working in this industries since last 30 years in Kanpur, India. our company is professional manufacturer of (V K Sarvottam Pipe) HDPE Laminated Woven Lay Flat Tube and many more products as per BIS standard with the production capacity of 14000 mt/ annum. Our infrastructure spans across 4 units in Kanpur, India which has production and integration facility covering approximately 1.40 lac sq. ft. in area.Our company has most advanced machinery and requirements. We have BIS license for HDPE Laminated Woven Lay Lay Flat Tube for Irrigation (IS 16190 : 2014).

Keeping in pace to ensure that our products match to the quality requirements as per customer’s needs, we have developed in house laboratories which is well equipped with the advanced and contemporary testing requirements. All the testings are carried as per the BIS specified standards and matching to the ISI certifications.

Our products can be judged on the basis of quality , reliability and cost effectiveness. The finished products also undergoes a final and through check to insure compliance with the stringent norms and parameters.

We strive to improve our working methodology by innovative policies and practices in our business operations.

With advancement of technologies globally , irrigation techniques has also been advanced to next levels, where conventional pipes made of steel/cast iron used for carrying water to farm fields are replaced by Flexible pipes.

Our commitments has helped us in delivering the best products to our clients and end customers.